Mega Moolah slot machine – win the €7.040.000 jackpot!
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Slot machine Mega Moolah – is one of the masterpieces of the gaming industry.  More people play Mega Moolah slot than many other slot machines combined. And all because the slot has one of the biggest jackpots, in amount of several million euros. The jackpot has been won many times by the most lucky people. But even if you are not fortunate enough to win the main jackpot Mega Progressive, you may be lucky enough to become the owner of another one of 3 Jackpots!

Mega Moolah

Frankly, this is one of my favorite slots, and all because I was just a little not fortunate enough to win one of the jackpots worth more than €40 000, but the drum stopped very close to other Jackpot with a sum of more than  €100. But I still hope to win a bigger jackpot. I would also like to note that the bonus game by winning the jackpot was launched more than 4 times in an hour, which itself is nice and fun, because every time you can experience pleasant emotions and hope, that at any moment  Mega Moolah can make you millionaire and provide a good and a comfortable future life.

And now let’s proceed to a more detailed description and analysis of Mega Moolah slot.

Description Mega Moolah slot

Slot machine Mega Moolah is designed probably already familiar to many of you, by Microgaming, which is one of the most prominent leader among software developers for online casinos.

Mega Moolah Slot is a 25-line slot machine with 5 reels. With regard to the limits on payline, they vary in the following ranges: from 1 cent to 25 cents per line, that when playing all 25 lines will be €0.25 and €6.25, respectively. These bet sizes are ideal for beginners, but also the high rollers as they do not pass by, for the reason that playing even a small maximum bet can bring you the huge Jackpot.

Game symbols

Mega MoolahGame characters are very funny and well-drawn, in general, have a high-quality graphics as well as all the slot Mega Moolah in general. You will meet the following characters: Leo – this is one of the most valuable symbols, as is the Wild-symbol, which replaces all except the Scatter symbol; Monkey – Scatter symbol, a roll of more than 3 at a time, run 15 free spins;

Elephant, Buffalo – symbols of the highest price category; Giraffe, zebra, antelope – symbols of mid-range and the image A, K, Q, J, 10 – symbols of the lowest price category.

What I want to still note is the fact that wild and scatter symbols fall often, which gives even greater excitement to the game Mega Moolah!

Bonus Game Mega Moolah slot

Bonus games in this slot include lottery jackpot and free spins. Perhaps I’ll start with the free spins.

Free Spins run after 3 or more characters with the image of the Monkey roll on the drum. The number of free spins is always 15 regardless of whether it fell 3, 4 or 5 characters simultaneously. Coefficient of multiplication with free spins becomes equal to x3. Repeated 3 symbols of scatter-characters adds another 15 free games with the same coefficient.
Progressive Jackpot is triggered randomly during the game, regardless of the size of your bets, according to Mega Moolahcompulsive gamblers, although in my experience – the higher the rate, the more Jackpot chances. In the Jackpot in front of you is a drum on which a line of 4 colors, corresponding to each of the 4 jackpots: Mega Progressive sum of not less than €1,000,000; Major Progressive – 10 000€; Minor Progressive – from €100; Mini Progressive – from €10. Where the color stops drum, is the jackpot you win.

As I wrote at the beginning, these bonuses fall out often enough or well, at least for me. And basically dropped out for more than €100, although there are €10 as well.

Conclusions of the slot

Well, it’s time to sum up the review of Mega Moolah slot machine. I hasten to say that if someone of you, dear visitors, has not played in this slot machine, be sure to play it, because all of a sudden you become one of the lucky ones who are able to win The jackpot of several million euros!

Play Mega Moolah game and win!


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